in brand new lights it's ultra violet

Oh  how miserable, it is cold and windy outside and I am quite content chilling in my dressing gown and fluffy socks all day. I actually forgot the good points of winter and this is certainly one of them, not feeling guilty about not moving or going outside all day.

I have been contemplating where to go on holiday next year. Of course travelling the world is a temping option but it is clearly completely unrealistic and so I am thinking of more feasible places. I would love to visit Thailand but also want to go back to Berlin and visit Barcelona and other European Cities.

I know I have been raving about Jake Bugg for ages now but my God, what a debut album. It's been on repeat, favourite songs being 'Slide', 'Someone Told Me' and 'Seen It All.' I shall stop going on now and let you judge it for  yourself.

currently listening to; Pale Seas, The Moons.

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