holy flare

Who'd have thunk it?  It's been almost 40 years since John Travolta donned the famous flared trouser in the 1977 hit Saturday Night Fever and Slade ditched the drain-pipes for some less calf-restricting bell bottoms.

So here I am in the glorious 2015, wondering what ignited my unforeseen lust for some of those terrifically trendy trousers.  Vintage vibes have been unavoidable over the past few weeks, with plenty of designers showcasing 1970s inspired collections throughout the Fashion Weeks; Celine, Gucci and House of Holland are just a small number of fashion houses who are looking towards the past to gain inspiration for the future, with flared trousers taking centre stage.

JW Anderson / Balmain Resort / Celine

alicia x
Image Credits: Vogue

Just a quickie

Can we all take a moment to appreciate the Chanel Haute Couture Spring Summer 2015 show from today? JUST LOOK AT IT! 

Each piece has been produced by hand and it took 6 whole months to create each individual flower. The in bloom collection isn't your plain old florally 'seen it all' collection, Karl & co have managed to produce something modern from a running theme that has been used A LOT; feminine, cool and utterly impractical, I want it all.


dig deep

What's my biggest bugbear?  Not having enough space to put/hide things. 
Why don't I have enough space to hide things?  All of my cupboards are filled with clothes I don't wear.
Why don't I wear them?  Because they were kind of on trend at the time I bought them but by the time I got through to wearing them I thought they were ugly.

Without sounding basic, one of my biggest faults when it comes to purchasing clothing is spotting a bargain and never wearing it.  I once bought a red dress with a black PVC band across the bottom of it and fake leather buttons and a netted underskirt and capped sleeves; not to go into too much detail, but it was probably the most shameful purchase of my life where I looked a bit like Santa Clause.  All for the small cost of 5 pound, so how could I say no?

It only occurred to me that, as I attempted to ram in another £3 1990s vintage dress from eBay into my already overflowing chest of drawers, it's probable (actually very likely) that I've wasted a lot of money on this sh*t that no one liked which is the reason it's so cheap in the first place.

"Pounds per wear" is that juvenile sales talk I learnt when I was 16 - how many times will you wear it vs how much did it cost you?  Forcing my way through my wardrobe it's very clear that all my investments ( meaning spent a little more than usual) are predominantly my "go-to" garments for whenever I don't fancy like looking like Kris Kringle.  

1. To Be Adored Dress- £279
2. Whistles Outfit - £340
3. Art Gallery Jumper - TBC


happy idiot

I am besotted with Winter dressing and all things pink, fluffy, satin (bomber jackets particularly) and endless layering. Check out my Pinterest here (it's where I keep most busy). 

I cannot believe this year is about to come to an end, it has gone so quickly and I'm not quite sure where it's gone. I'm just looking forward to Christmas and home time in three days which means lots of time with my friends and family and LOTS of mulled wine.


London Fashion Week

So after a crazy busy week which involved seeing The Holy Shits aka the bloody Foo Fighters play a tiny secret show at Islington Assembly Hall last Friday and what seems like getting a hundred trains in the space of a week, I can finally sit down and write about my favourite shows from London Fashion Week.

Whilst writing this I am watching Susie Bubble's backstage short documentary on BBC…she's so effortlessly cool.

Anyway, onto my favourite bits.

Firstly, my former employer - Whistles.  They have just delved into the world of menswear.  I always enjoy their limited edition collection and find they always have one or two really stand out pieces, for this collection it was the layered tassels and punched out garments.

Next,  the much talked about Ashley Williams.  For her first solo show Ashley chose geisha girls as her inspiration and was inspired by Vietnamese prostitutes in the 60's (of course); bra's layered over t-shirts, bubble gum pink and school-girl scribbles was the look that proved that East London style is not dead.

Christopher Kane is one of my all time favourite designers, and, although his collection felt slightly wintery in certain terms, the detail in the collection was a personal highlights from all shows.  Ropes, tulle, satin... we're clearly going to be seeing a lot of different textures next year and I am so excited at the prospect of having something filtered down to the high street that isn't just monochrome/folk inspired etc etc.  Kane always provides something special, this collection was dedicated to his late teacher, mentor and friend Louise Wilson and this collection was inspired by drawings from his time at college which is a pretty cool touch.

i think we’re just gonna have to be secretly in love with each other and leave it at that

It should be fairly obvious to everyone that I am a massive sucker for anything sixties related so this editorial on i-D  caught my eye.  With the cold just looming around the corner, I am actually getting really excited about getting my winter wardrobe back out and donning the roll neck and thick knits AND wearing tights again (YAY).  I always hate this time of year, that in-between seasons time when it's cold one second and hot the next.  Anyway, what I'm trying to get at is that I want all the clothes in this photo series, including a glamorous fur coat thank you please.

kids clothes - mini to maxi

Does anyone else wish they made children's clothes in adult sizes? This thought enters my head on a regular basis. From Oilily clothes to the amazing frilly Sixties style frocks, I want it all... the only catch is that you have to be under the age of 10 to fit into ‘em. It’s frustrating. I like playful clothes, I like colour, I like crazy prints.  

Then I found the work of Caroline Rose Kaufman. The designer from West Virginia bases her work on nature, ‘revealing extraordinary in handmade and imperfect.’

I love everything about this lookbook; Pompoms, insect prints, knitwear and even matching headscarves, the detailing is sublime.