softly you're falling and softly you'll climb

Marie Zucker's photography is quite easy on the eyes. I love the wonderful setting's she uses within her photographers and the colourful and feminine attitude they allude.  

On a day of gloom like today, it helped that I discovered this blog today. It makes me wish I had money to go out and purchase cute cutlery and bright prints, but since I don't, I'm happy to flick through this blog as a substitute. 

Also, I keep getting emails about 70 percent off here and 50 percent off there. It is pretty irritating when you don't have any spare cash floating about that all these sales come onto show. Oh, and The Rolling Stones are back, for four hundred pounds a ticket, they have got to be having a laugh. Whatever happened to going to a gig for the music and not because you have a massive wad of money in your back pocket. Clearly the days of them doing free gig's is out of the question but a more feasible option would of been nice.