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Alex Ellis, my friend and motivator popped round the other day to discuss her DIY skills, blogging activities, music lifestyle and the opening of her Etsy store. This girl really is unique, and her passion for creativity is something to admire.
Hi Alex, tell us a bit about yourself.
Hey you! Im 20 years old and living in Bristol. By day I am a music journalist – which basically means I get to listen to music all day, go to shows and then write about it. Im also a self confessed DIY fiend that runs Ostriches and Chirping, and Etsy site where I sell embroidery peices.
Cool, what kind of things can we expect from the store?
You can expect pieces that will make your home even cuter and awesome gifts for your friends. I started Ostriches and Chirping after making pieces for myself to put into my apartment. I had wanted to open my own Etsy store for a long time and after all of the great feedback I received on my BLOG after posting my pieces, I finally took the plunge. So yeah, head over to my store if you want to give your home or friend a gift. I also do custom work, so send me a messege and I will stitch you a treat.
What made you get into crafts?
My mum always encouraged self-expression when I was growing up, and still does to this day. She’s into the same stuff as me, so we kind of bounce ideas off each other. I would say that I get most inspiration from my mum, and make it my own by incorporating what interests me.
What inspires you?
I get inspired by a tonne of stuff, music first and foremost. I can’t function without listening to it so without it I become unmotivated and uninspired. Graphic design is a biggie, I love reading through graphic design and illustration blogs.
Traditional tattoos and 1950’s culture are what I am really obsessed with. There are so many things that make me tick but if I had to choose it would be these things.
You’ve got a few tattoos, tell us a little about them?
I have 3 at the moment. I have a music note behind my left ear, a blue rose on the back of my neck and a gypsy piece on my right forearm. My favourite is definitely my gypsy, shes gorgeous.
Before you dash off, could you quickly tell me your favourite fashion styles?
I’m pretty plain when it comes to dressing myself. I stick to black, it’s very rare that you will see me without something that’s black. I wear a lot of red lipstick and completely rely on waist belts as its my best feature. If it’s black/red/floral and tailored at the waist I will love it. I wear a lot of dresses, high waisted dresses and turtle necks. My favourite shoes ever are my leopard print pumps. I own 5 pairs, and also my red wedges.
And with that I say goodbye to the rock and roll sweetheart I call Albrella. To check out her Etsy store click here.

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