do you want it all

It's that time of year again when a mere hint of sunshine gives me a glimmer of hope of getting out of the tights and starts me thinking of the appropriate beach attire for Summer. I have been searching far and wide for a high waisted fifties style bikini for what seems like years now, always being stunned by the prices on sites offering such pieces for over 100 pounds, seriously? Finally though, this brand has pulled through at an affordable, uhmmm, I refrase that to a CHEAP high waisted number in a selection of two colours. I picked up a copy of Monki's lookbook in their Carnaby Street shop, however, you can check it out here too. It's probably one of the most beautiful and carefully put together brand magazine's I have seen in a long time, from its glossy cover to its wonderfully crafted editorial's. I have also thrown in a few fifties beach images to co-incide with what I am going for, you know, our grandma's rocked the Bikini at one point or another too.

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