fit for a queen

I have been neglecting my blogging as of late, but I am back. I have finally finished University for the Summer and I feel a sense of relief. I have been feeling like a crazy woman for the past few months, so much work, so little life, but so worth the effort, hopefully. 

I decided to focus on my love of jewellery, since my bag got nicked a few weeks back, containing all my rings/broaches/necklaces. sob sob. I am getting over the loss, slowly but surely. Anyway, as the jubilee weekend is fast approaching I decided to check out some Queen inspired jewels by Tatty Devine. The mood board I created here shows my picks of the bunch, I especially adore the crown ring. Super tacky but equally as awesome. 

Tatty Devine's handmade plastic pieces get me so excitable, like a kid in a sweet shop. They are a colourful and unique collection that would suit any age, okay not any, but i am sure some momma's could rock a crystal crown or two. 

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