i'll never be your lover, i only bring the heat

Just a few of my favourite editorials/lookbooks from recently. Completely adore all of these shoots, the depressing quality they withhold and a definite wintery element within them. These photoshoots will act as a source of inspiration for my third year project, which I am finally coming to grips with.

 I have gone a bit mad and spent all my wages this week on a gorgeous beige boyfriend coat from Topshop (never thought beige was my colour...), a knitted dress and a leather jacket embellished with studs and 'punk' for a mere 35 pounds from the Vintage Warehouse in Nottingham. It really is a matter of sheer luck in that place. I also found some old Lavender hair dye in my cupboard this morning and decided to dye my hair when I got out the shower, I had no gloves though so my hands are now purple! Ah. 

I am going to aim to add more of my own photography to this blog.

currently listening to; Daughter, Bats For Lashes.

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