the clipping of wings, the draping of kings

To say that Visual artist and photographer Michal Pudelka is only 22 years young is quite astonishing. His photography reminds me of the nineties super super models and the placement, styling and scenery all just adds to a certain nineties vibe, maybe that is just my opinion.

I start back at University for my final year ever. To say I am dreading it would be an understatement. As my mother kindly put it, "all 18 years of education boil down to this final year." Awesome Mum, just awesome.


  1. ooh, so pretty. I especially love the first one.

  2. this photography is so beautiful and you immediately start to think of what's the story behind them.
    and your mom is being very supportive :D

  3. Wow, such interesting photos! Love it.

    Greta xoxo