a love was lost

I realised back in my first year at college studying A Level photography that although I was alright at it and got the grades, I would never make it as a pro. I just wasn't a natural. Which is fine, I got over it and focused on English and fashion instead. I do however, love a good bit of photography and a photographer who has recently caught my eye is Yann Faucher. Many of the images seen on the tumblr  are of guys but the particular photographs above stood out for me.

Also, how depressing has the weather got? I miss the sun.


  1. beautiful photos! i love it! and great blog :)


  2. I love this!!! My first time in your blog and it is pretty nice.Check out my blog follow if you like it x

  3. That top image is divine <3

  4. these are so beautiful. i dont know what else to say. the photos speak for themselves.