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What's my biggest bugbear?  Not having enough space to put/hide things. 
Why don't I have enough space to hide things?  All of my cupboards are filled with clothes I don't wear.
Why don't I wear them?  Because they were kind of on trend at the time I bought them but by the time I got through to wearing them I thought they were ugly.

Without sounding basic, one of my biggest faults when it comes to purchasing clothing is spotting a bargain and never wearing it.  I once bought a red dress with a black PVC band across the bottom of it and fake leather buttons and a netted underskirt and capped sleeves; not to go into too much detail, but it was probably the most shameful purchase of my life where I looked a bit like Santa Clause.  All for the small cost of 5 pound, so how could I say no?

It only occurred to me that, as I attempted to ram in another £3 1990s vintage dress from eBay into my already overflowing chest of drawers, it's probable (actually very likely) that I've wasted a lot of money on this sh*t that no one liked which is the reason it's so cheap in the first place.

"Pounds per wear" is that juvenile sales talk I learnt when I was 16 - how many times will you wear it vs how much did it cost you?  Forcing my way through my wardrobe it's very clear that all my investments ( meaning spent a little more than usual) are predominantly my "go-to" garments for whenever I don't fancy like looking like Kris Kringle.  

1. To Be Adored Dress- £279
2. Whistles Outfit - £340
3. Art Gallery Jumper - TBC


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