too busy earnin'

Okay so it may not be new news but I am pining over House Of Holland sunglasses. I find it really hard to find glasses to fit my face and thank the world everyday for the fact I have decent sight and consequently do not need to wear reading glasses, however, these sunglasses look ideal; they're quirky but not so obscure that you end up looking like a tw*t. The sixties era experimented with weird and wonderful shapes and Henry Holland has taken a leaf right outta their book.

Alas, it isn't just sunglasses I struggle with finding a right match for but sandals too. They're either too chunky or too ugly for my liking this season. Birkenstocks are so not me and slip on's slip right off my skinny lil' feet. I thought I had found a match in Dr Martens Clarissa sandals but I ended up looking like a clown, is there an end to this long gruelling search for the perfect sandal pour moi? I hope so.

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