many bullets you will bite waiting for a ray of light

Erdem Moraliogluis one of my favourite fashion designers. Each collection is as beautiful as the last, with this pre-fall 2013 look book showing off an array of layers, lengths, colours and patterns which are just so elegant and sweet.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, I have been procrastinating over my final year work a ridiculous amount, because blogging and eating chocolate pudding seems so much more appealing....

I have also been very naughty and ordered a few bits from the Topshop sale, you can never have too many leather skirts and coats right? 

I wish you all have a happy New Year!! xx


  1. these are all very beautiful x

  2. so inspiring <3

  3. This collection is stunning, I hadn't heard of this designer until I came across your post, such beautiful pieces!

    Eda ♥

  4. Love these. Very beautiful.
    Katie xx

  5. I have just come across your blog on twitter and I love it!
    I love how each post is different and you mix up your content.

    This collection is beautiful-as is the photography.

  6. Hey lovely, i've nominated you for the leibster award, so if you're interested in being part of it, check out this page:

  7. In awe of how perfect your blog is. Can I pleaseee be you?
    Oh blogging + pudding are always better than work.

    Greta xoxo

  8. Ohh these designs are beautiful! Ahaha chocolate pudding beats work hands down! I am currently trying (and failing) to revise the anatomy of the mouth tis not fun! Looking through your blog is much better hehe xxx

  9. Your blog is so chic and stylish!

    I am so excited to follow you! I hope you follow back so we can stay in touch sweetie!

    cheers to your fabulous posts!

  10. Wow, what an amazing look book, I love Erdem as well!