love is blind and talk is cheap

The other day I discovered the brand Alida Buffalo and the styling work of Kit Scholley. Check out the blog on the website for her awesome eye for detail. This shoot in particular with it's sixties essence appeals to me.  It is inspiring to see a vintage website with brilliant photo shoots to coincide with it and it creates more of an incentive to actually buy the clothes. I have my eye on a few of the items from there right now, including this jumper and this bumble bee dress

currently listening to; The Rolling Stones, Dillon, Lucy Rose.


  1. I just love that 4th shot down - as you say, so sixties. I've just discovered your blog and I'm enjoying the beautiful images and music suggestions very much! x

  2. Love these shots. The styling, the sixties vibe, the models.. Everything's just perfect!! Thanks for making me discover this amazing brand as well haha!

    X Saskia

  3. I am so happy I discovered your blog today! I have been on the lookout for blogs that are not entirely fashion, not entirely photography, just something whimsical and lovely and I stumbled across yours, hooray. Thank you for all the inspiration

    x Eva